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Dargah Sharief makhdooma Syeda Hazrat Bibi Kamaal ka Maqbara

Hazrat Bibi Kamal Ka Makbara

There is a strong faith that mentally challenged people can be cured by the oil and ashes of incense sticks of the Dargah.

Located in Bibipur, Kako, district Jehanabad, this place is 7 KM from the district headquarters and is easily accessible.

Bibi Kamaal was one of the most dignified women Sufis of Bihar. Her blessings (Kamaal) were so effective that she was popularly known as Bibi Kamaalo. Her original name was Bibi Hadiya. She was the third (first Hazrat Bibi Razia alias Badi Bua, Second Hazrat Bibi Habiba, and fourth Hazrat Bibi Jamaal alias Bibi Jiya) daughter of famous Sufi Hazrat Makhdoom Qazi Shahabuddin Peer Jagjot. Her Mother was Malka Jahan.

As per the statement of Imam Saghiruddin, Khadim of Dargah Sharief, Bibi Kamaal was the mother’s sister of Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Sharfuddin Ahmad Yahya Maneri. Incidentally, all sisters became Sufi and wives of Sufis. 

There is a small Blackstone pillar on the premises on which aayats of the Quran Sharief are inscripted. Annual urs takes place in the month of July. 


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