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Pitra Paksha

History and culture have always occupied a very significant place in our lives and Pitra Paksha is common among them. It is a Hindu tradition where 16 days is reserved for paying homage to the ancestors every year. 

Pitra Paksha is dedicated to the departed souls and is meant for pleasing them, asking for forgiveness, and ridding oneself of the Pitra Dosha (curse of ancestors). During this period rituals like Shraddh, Tarpan, and Pind Daan are performed to please the departed soul from the cycle of birth, life, and death. Such rituals are performed at the Falgu river and after that special prayer is offered at Vishnupad Temple, Gaya. 
It is believed that during Pitra Paksha consumption of non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited. Ingredients such as onions, garlic, chana, jeera, black salt, black mustard, cucumbers, brinjal, and lentils like masoor dal, black urad dal must not be consumed at all.

Different packages of Pitripaksha Mela 2022

Starts from - 09.09.2022.

End's on - 25.09.2022.

Package-A (One Day)
Package-B (One Night Two Days)
Package-C (One Day)
Package-D (One Night Two Days)Late Night, Morning and Evening.
Package-E (One Night Two Days)

Pitripaksha Mela 2022  Online E-Piddaan Package Price Details.


S.NO                Description                        E-Pinddan Package amount

01.          Online E-Piddaan

                   a.  Vishnu Pad Mandir

                   b.  Akshay Vat

                   c.  Falgu River                                                              20425/-

                   d.  Pandit/Purohit/Pujan Samagri

                   e.  CD/DVD/Pen Drive Video Recording            

02.                   Total                                                                        20425/-

03.                    G.S.T . 5%                                                                  1075/-

04.                    Grand Total                                                            21500/-

  • Transportation, Accommodation, Fooding, Pandit and Puja Samagri are also included in plan Pinddaan Gaya and Punpun.
  • Please confirm you booking deposited in advance. Contact us - Mobile No- 8544418408.


Bank Details:

Name of the A/C    :   BSTDC Travel and Trade

Account No             :   50100339205415

IFSC Code                :   HDFC0000332

Name of Bank         :   HDFC Bank,

                                      Maa Shakambhari Complex,

                                      Ashok Raj Path, Patna-800008

Click Booking Button For Booking Packages and Online E-Pinddan.


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